Monday, March 28, 2011

Cold ?

The recent cold front that has come through the east coast has given me the idea to share something I discovered a few years ago on staying warm.

I am a college student and do not live on campus, which means I have to walk a good distance every day from where I can park at school to where my classes are. During the winter with the wind it can be very cold and two things that I have discovered that really help me stay warm when it is cold outside are:

      1. Wear a wife-beater – it might not seem like it will help that much but when it is windy, the air getting under your shirts and hoodies can be freezing and having a skin tight shirt under it all can really go a long way.
      2. Wear pajama pants under your jeans – for girls this may not be possible as the majority of you fenamonons wear skin tight jeans. But for the rest of you, a simple pair of pajama pants under your jeans can really help keep you warm on a cold day as its another layer of insulation and it really helps with the wind. It may take a little longer to put your pants on in the mourning, but if your like me I'd rather sweat than shiver.

Just thought I'd share these two tips.


  1. These are great ideas, but I'm afraid it will look like I'm wearing a diaper if I have 2 pair of pants on at once.

  2. I'm down with the wife-beater, but PJs under jeans might be a bridge too far. I like the commitment to staying warm though!

  3. o m g that pic gives me the shivers lol
    too bad i live in a warm climate country

  4. Under Armour works great in the winter. It keeps me warm when I go to work and when I go to work out.